Impact Investment Fund for Community Wellbeing

What if sister spaces, or their conversion into intergenerational communities, community spaces, or farms, were actually seen as and invested in as cornerstone assets to the health and wellbeing of their surrounding community?

In fact, this is not a novel idea. Catholic healthcare pensions have long understood and invested according to this model, for example, by making the link between investments in affordable housing around hospitals and better health outcomes and lower costs at that hospital.

This thinking is also analogous to investment initiatives created to preserve biodiverse ecological areas, such as the REDD+ Initiative to fund the preservation of Amazon forests by creating markets for the “ecosystem services” provided by them (clean water, air, carbon sequestration, etc.) and the value of these to global health and sustainability.

What would it look like to apply these same investment models to sisters’ spaces, creating an investment fund that helped finance the retirement costs and long-term operating costs of sisters’ communities and spaces by valuing their contribution they make to community health and wellbeing at the neighborhood or city level—for example, by quantifying the cost reduction impact of these spaces on other municipal services, welfare services, and healthcare costs?