Tiny Home Villages

The work of offering sanctuary and hospitality to displaced people in transition—whether from domestic abuse, gentrification, climate crises, or political persecution—is already well-known to sisters.

Sisters and the Catholic Worker movement inspire us to imagine what role sister spaces could play long into the future to meet the need for sanctuary, a need which we sadly expect to only grow in the decades ahead.

How might we combine the younger generation’s energy and desire to serve with sisters’ very real expertise in offering sanctuary and hospitality? How might sisters’ properties be set up to most creatively serve the needs of displaced people in our time? Here's one tiny idea that have us dreaming big about possibilities: Tiny Home Villages!

Case Study: A Tiny Home Village for the Poor in Detroit

Cass Community Social Services, in Detroit, has a novel solution to meeting unmet housing needs affordably: tiny homes. Beyond existing buildings on sites, these are an attractive and appealing model for creating community on open parcels of land.

This is just one of many examples springing up around the country and world, which has made us wonder, could we build tiny home villages on parcels of land owned by sisters and start to build new forms of community together through this unusual but intriguing starting point?