A Growing Community

Nuns & Nones is a growing alliance across generations and spiritual traditions. We are a learning network and a lab for new forms of prophetic community. Join us as we embark on new experiments, gather online, and connect in our cities and towns.

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Local Organizer Toolkit

This is designed for folks who want to start a Nuns & Nones group where they live. Through stories, tips, tricks, and case studies, we hope to illuminate some of the bigger questions about starting a local group.

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Online Gatherings

We host “digital dialogues” to explore relevant themes ranging from spiritual formation, to vows and commitment, to stewardship.


Local Connections

Engage in dialogue, learning, and action with sisters and seekers in your own backyard. We have groups running or starting up in San Francisco, Boston, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, NYC, Washington DC, Grand Rapids MI, Cincinnati, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Madison, WI. Not where you live? We are exploring many ways to facilitate connection and gathering stories of how different kinds of gatherings emerge. We will be releasing more resources over time.


Nuns & Nones Residency

From November 2018-May 2019, we held our first Nuns & Nones “Residency”—with five millennials living alongside the Sisters of Mercy in Burlingame, CA. Learn more about this mutual exchange and consider what a residency could look like in your community.