A Growing Community

From two years of on-the-ground organizing in five U.S. cities, Nuns & Nones has grown into a network of local groups, a rich learning network, a community of trust, and an innovative ‘lab’ for new forms of prophetic community in today’s world. Check out what we’re up to!


Nuns & Nones Residency

In November 2018, we launched a 6-month pilot residency with the Sisters of Mercy in Burlingame, CA. Through community life and mutual learning, we are uncovering new models for collaboration across generations and faith traditions to meet the needs of our times.

Learn more about the our first pilot residency & consider what a multi-month engagement of sisters & seekers could look like where you live.

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Online Learning

Join our monthly Nuns & Nones ‘Zoom Convos,’ hosted online on the (new date pattern?) Each call focuses on a topic or question that invites deeper sharing and mutual learning. Past topics have included commitment, slowing down, and ‘sex, love, and cosmic evolution.’ Want to join the next one? Click below to get looped in!


Local Groups

After initial gatherings, local groups have continued to meet, deepening relationships and build a community of trust. Ongoing activities range from field trips to one another’s homes and work spaces, weekend retreats, discussions of shared readings, co-creating rituals, and—of course—continuing dialogues around themes of mutual interest. If you're interested in getting involved with existing groups in the Bay Area, Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Philadelphia, or St. Louis—or, perhaps, starting your own, please be in touch: hello@nunsandnones.org.


Initial Gatherings

Beginning in December, 2016, the Nuns & Nones team hosted two-day gatherings in five cities: Cambridge, the Bay Area, Kalamazoo, Philadelphia and St. Louis. Each of these gatherings surfaced just how much these two populations had in common and unleashed a profound sense of connection and possibility, planting seeds for imaginative new projects, relationships, and communities.