Walking Together. Reading the Signs of the Times.

As relationships and conversations deepen, we are listening for what wants to emerge, reading the signs of the times and developing a multi-year action-research project to explore how we might, together, rise to meet unmet needs in this moment. 

    Our hope is that our research will seed timely and ongoing conversations, providing actionable ideas for Millennials and Women Religious alike, at this critical moment of transition in our lives and communities.

    Shared Questions. Seeds of Inspiration.

    There are many questions we share:

    • How can we nourish lives and communities that balance action and contemplation?

    • What does intergenerational, sacred living look like in the 21st century?

    • How might this alliance work together to confront growing wealth inequality, catastrophic climate change, displacement, racial injustice, a culture of isolation and apathy, and so many other pressing and interrelated challenges?

    • Can we join the insights, expertise, and energy of these two populations to create new communities of belonging and agency, rooted in love and equity, and standing for justice?

    • Just as foundresses responded to unmet needs in their time, might we be called, together—to form and support intergenerational, spiritually-rooted communities, working to weave social fabric and address the social and environmental crises of our time?

    • What might shared rituals and spiritual practice look like among interspiritual groups of Millennials and sisters? 

    • How can each group be good company as the other discerns their next right steps? 

    • What creative community and financial models might women religious consider, in partnership with Millennials, for intergenerational stewardship of their properties well into the future, rather than selling sacred spaces on the speculative market?

    Here's a glimpse of some of the inspiration that has emerged from our research and conversations so far. (Click on each thumbnail for more information, case studies, and links to additional resources.) What questions do you hold? Write to us at hello@nunsandnones.org.

    Creative Models of Community and Transition

    Alternative Community Financial Models

    Emerging Big Ideas

    Join the Research Initiative

    We can't do it without you!

    Are you a sister or other partner of women religious with a hopeful and imaginative eye toward the future? Are you ready to think outside the box of currently-imagined possibilities with us? We invite your insights, stories, and ideas! Please reach out if you:

    • Are involved in storytelling projects honoring women religious and their wisdom of community.
    • Are involved in the transition of a sister space or another mission/institution started by sisters, and currently in transition.
    • Are involved in creative lay community models started or inspired by women religious communities.
    • Have a story to share about a convent, motherhouse, retreat center, or other sacred space going through a creative transition.
    • Would like to share research about the needs of millennials or orders of sisters in this moment.
    • Would like to share inspiration or research on alternative forms of community or creative financial models.

    Please write to us at hello@nunsandnones.org to share more and start a conversation!