We stand at the threshold of an unprecedented opportunity...


Across the U.S., Women Religious from over 400 communities are serving the unmet needs of so many who live on the margins of society, with a spirit of radical compassion. They have developed a powerful, robust infrastructure, building and serving community across the U.S. and the world. Yet their own religious communities face declining membership, invoking poignant emotional, existential, spiritual questions about the future of their missions, lineages, spiritual and worldly physical assets.

Millennials have the largest percentage of religiously unaffiliated members of any age group. Many of these spiritual but not religious "Nones" are actively seeking and creating communities of purpose, belonging, and service outside of religious institutions. Like the sisters, they are called to serve something larger than themselves, with a willingness to leap, in faith they will find their way as they go, grounded in an unshakable ethos of radical invitation and welcome.

Both groups are asking “what’s next?”—listening closely for what wants to emerge at this critical moment—each offering some of the wisdom, inspiration, energy, commitment, and deepening community the other seeks.

What learnings, what untapped mutual resources might be discovered, and set free, to serve the unmet needs in the world, through an alliance of these two inspired and inspiring communities?


A growing community

We are hosting gatherings of Nuns and Nones—Women Religious and Millennials—across the country.

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Voices of Nuns & Nones: catch a glimpse from our gathering at the Fetzer Institute in Kalamazoo. April, 2018.