Two communities, called to join in a rare window of opportunity.

We are a network of women religious, spiritually diverse millennials, and allied thought partners, creating new pathways to transmit the wisdom and legacy of Sisters, steward sacred spaces, and create a more just, equitable, and loving world. We strive to connect our generations through new forms of prophetic community, deepening in relationship, spiritual practice, and justice work to the meet the needs of our times.

Over the last three hundred years, Women Religious in the U.S. have created vast networks and infrastructure for community-building and community-serving. Much of that infrastructure is currently under-resourced and under-activated and many orders are facing stark decisions about what to do with their spiritual and worldly assets and how to continue their work in the world. Millennials, motivated by a similar spirit of service, are actively building new organizations and networks, figuring out how to create the connective tissue and physical infrastructure to support their work in community, and hungry to learn from women who have such a depth of experience in collaborative leadership and service. 

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Since our first Nuns & Nones gathering in December, 2016, we've uncovered significant momentum, enthusiasm, commitment within each of these communities to create a shared movement of ongoing exploration, collaboration, learning, under a common call to serve those in need—in an ever-more-fractured world.

As of 2018:

  • Our community is growing, across the country, through gatherings, ongoing local groups, online learning calls, field trips, and more.

  • Our research initiative is mapping out possibilities for shared communities of spirit and service and for intergenerational stewardship of sacred spaces.

  • We’ve launched a pilot residency and are exploring other longer-term partnerships.

Who we are...

To date, Nuns & Nones has been a volunteer labor of love. In partnership with sisters from seventeen different orders and millennials representing dozens of organizations and institutions, the Nuns and Nones gatherings have been organized by Rev. Wayne Muller and Adam Horowitz. Our growing volunteer team includes Katie Gordon, Rachel Plattus, Brittany Koteles, Milicent Johnson, Alan Webb, Emily Chiappinelli, Alexa Clay and Christina Tran. Advisors include Sr. Gloria Marie Jones (OP), Sr. Judy Carle (RSM), Sr. Carol Zinn (CSJ), Sr. Mary Dacey (CSJ), Sr. Mary Trainer (RSM), Michelle Gossman, Suzanne Buckley, Konda Mason, Oren Slozburg, Jean Holsten, and Jon Abelese. We are grateful for in-kind support from the Transformations Spirituality Center, the Mercy Center, the Cranaleith Spiritual Center, The RSA, How We Gather and the Harvard Divinity School.

Want to be a part of the unfolding journey? 

When a few Nuns & Nones organizers visited the Dominican Sisters of Peace in Columbus, OH on a roadtrip in the summer of 2018, they were surprised to be met with a video team! Thanks very much to Sr. Pat Twohill and the team that made this happen!