Search for a Partner Community

Over the course of 2016 and 2017, we hosted multi-day gatherings, online video calls, field trips, work visits, and more. But there is only so much that can be learned, explored, imagined, and built together from periodic interactions spread out over time. 


We are now searching for one or more partner communities with which to build deeper relationships and explore creative, intergenerational approaches to forwarding and stewarding mission, charism, and sacred space. 

To start, we are looking for a value-aligned community of women religious, asking questions about the future, that would be excited about inviting in 4-8 millennials for a 3-9 month learning residency—a period of listening, sharing, and relationship-building.

During this time, we imagine:

  • Creating a local hub for learning, contemplation, and action together, co-inhabiting living space or simply concentrating members of our team together nearby.
  • Creating spacious time for listening, discerning, and learning alongside one another.
  • Inviting other like-hearted allies with relevant models or skills to share for visits or small gatherings.

In the longer-term, we have all kinds of big dreams!

Click the button below to learn more about us, the invitation, and explore whether this might be a fit for your community!

A significant insight emerged in our conversation: The centers of community in society are disintegrating. One of the critical common calls of this moment, the unmet need, is community itself. Just as foundresses responded to unmet needs in their time, so might we be called, together, to form and support new communities of belonging, working to weave our social fabric and combat the crisis of isolation and “othering.”

How might THE critical need for inclusion, community, communion shape our life, our response as religious women? How might we support millennials in their efforts to respond to this critical need today through their own intentional communities, their own outreach? How might we support each other, be engaged with each other in new ways?

A question to ponder for us: What resources of wisdom, experience, space, spirituality, charism do we have to share with millennials who are eager to learn from us and create new ways of living values and ministries that we cherish. How might we continue to explore these questions? Could this be part of our Chapter work related to lay partners?
— Sister Gloria Marie Jones, OP, Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose